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Welcome To Cougar Tech., USA

Cougar Tech is in the business of providing management and technology services to businesses with a vision for growth and improvement. Through its network of business alliances and partnerships, Cougar Tech provides its customers the best talent to realize their vision in an accelerated time frame and with the best return on investment.

Cougar Tech has quickly mobilized talent and resources to help customers in the key business areas including customer relationship management, supply chain management, financial services, business strategy, emerging technologies and managed services. With the help of its business partners and strategic alliances, Cougar Tech can provide solutions at a pace not possible by one company alone. These partnerships and alliances underscore our commitment to our clients to provide the best possible solutions at an attractive price and thereby improving our customer's bottom line.


Cougar Tech. is a system integrator, providing world class consulting services for business undergoing systems implementation and overall Organizational and Business Process reengineering.

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